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Wood Carved Cross Biblical Wall Decor with Metal Scrollwork White 18″ x 1″ x 24″


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Wood metal wall cross decor.
Cross feature intricately carved white wooden cross-shaped design supported by black scrolled metal frame.
Measures 18.25L x 1.30W x 23.95H inches.
Weighs 1.71 lbs.

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Traditional Craftsmanship: This wall decor exemplifies traditional craftsmanship, being meticulously crafted from robust wood, MDF, and durable metal materials. The combination of these materials ensures longevity and a timeless aesthetic.

Biblical Carved Cross Design: The focal point of this wall decor is a white wooden cross adorned with intricate carved details. The biblical inspiration behind the cross design adds a spiritual and meaningful element to the overall composition, making it a thoughtful addition to any space.

Metal Scrollwork Frame: Surrounding the carved wooden cross is a black scrollwork metal frame. The metal scrollwork not only provides structural support but also complements the white cross with its contrasting color, creating an eye-catching visual impact.

Contrasting Color Palette: The juxtaposition of the white carved cross against the black metal scrollwork creates a striking contrast. This interplay of colors adds depth and dimension to the wall decor, making it visually captivating and suitable for various interior styles.

Dimensions: With dimensions of 18″ x 1″ x 24″, this wall decor is well-proportioned for wall display. The size allows it to make a statement without overwhelming the space, making it a versatile and elegant addition to your home.

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Weight 1.71 lbs
Dimensions 18.25 × 1.30 × 23.95 in


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