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SKU: GDU34089

Wood Hand Carved Floral Wall Decor Set of 2 Brown 48″H, 16″W


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Carved wooden wall decor panels set of 2.
Natural dark and light brown wood panels with large carved floral & rosette designs, acanthus, and textural borders
Wall panel set features a hand carved flower design in a rectangular frame.
Each item measures 16L x 1W x 48H, 16L x 1W x 48H inches.
Weighs 7.88 lbs.

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Mango Wood and MDF Construction: Crafted with a combination of natural mango wood and MDF, these wall decor pieces offer a sturdy and durable composition. The use of mango wood adds an authentic touch, while MDF provides additional structural support.

Dark and Light Brown Wood Panels: The set features natural dark and light brown wood panels, creating a visually appealing contrast. This interplay of tones adds depth and dimension to the wall decor, contributing to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Large Carved Floral & Rosette Designs: The wall decor showcases large, intricately carved floral and rosette designs. These ornate patterns serve as the focal point, bringing a sense of elegance and traditional craftsmanship to the pieces. The detailed carvings enhance the artistic quality of the decor.

Acanthus and Textural Borders: The inclusion of acanthus motifs and textural borders adds further detail and complexity to the overall design. Acanthus leaves, known for their decorative nature, contribute to the classical and timeless feel of the wall decor. The textural borders provide a finishing touch, highlighting the edges with visual interest.

Ornate Hand-Carved Botanical Patterns: Each frame is adorned with ornate, hand-carved botanical patterns, including leaves and decorative trim. These botanical elements add a natural and organic touch to the decor, creating a harmonious blend of nature-inspired aesthetics and artistic craftsmanship.

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Weight 7.88 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 1 × 48 in


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