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White Wood Handmade Carved Scroll Photo Frame, 12″ x 1″ x 14″
SKU: GDU54640

White Wood Handmade Carved Scroll Photo Frame, 12″ x 1″ x 14″


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Wooden photo frame.
Handcrafted rectangle shaped with whitewash distressed finish.
Measures 12L x 0.5W x 14H inches.
Weighs 2 lbs.

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Handmade White Mango Wood Carved Scroll Photo Frame, 12″ x 1″ x 14″

The photo frame is meticulously crafted with intricate handmade carvings, showcasing rich textural detail. The hand-carved wood flourishes and cutouts contribute to an elegant and unique design, highlighting the artistry involved in the frame’s creation.

Crafted from white mango wood, the frame combines durability with natural beauty. Mango wood is known for its sturdiness and distinctive grain patterns, providing a solid foundation for the intricate carvings. The use of white mango wood adds to the frame’s elegance and complements the overall aesthetic.

Vintage Matte White Distressed Finish Wood Photo Frame

The frame features a matte white distressed finish, imparting a vintage charm to the decor. This finish creates a weathered appearance, giving the frame character and contributing to its timeless appeal. The combination of the matte white finish and distressed details adds to the frame’s overall visual interest.

With dimensions of 12″ x 1″ x 14″, the photo frame offers a generous size, making it a prominent and eye-catching piece on any wall or surface. The substantial dimensions provide an opportunity to showcase memories in a grand and captivating way, becoming a focal point in your home decor.

Enhance Elegance with Whitewash Finish Rectangle Photo Frame

The frame is adorned with a soft, neutral whitewash finish, enhancing its elegance. The whitewash finish complements the intricate carvings and adds a touch of sophistication to the frame. This combination of a matte white distressed finish and a whitewash finish creates a cohesive and refined look.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 0.5 × 14 in


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