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Wood Paddle Canoe Oar Wall Decor Set of 3,


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Wood Paddle Canoe Oar Wall Decor Set of 3.
Crafted in wood in black, blue and white finish.
Measures 47.24 X 7.87 X 1.57 inches.
Weighs 6.6lbs.
Made of Wood.

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Set of 3 Wood Paddle Canoe Oars: The wall decor set consists of three wood paddle canoe oars, each measuring 47″. This set arrangement allows for creative and customizable displays, whether arranged together or separately, offering versatility in styling options.

Diverse Color Palette: The oars come in a diverse color palette of white, blue, and black. This variety adds visual interest and allows the set to complement different color schemes within a space. The combination of colors contributes to a dynamic and lively decorative arrangement.

Nautical and Canoe-Inspired Design: The oars feature a nautical and canoe-inspired design, embodying the essence of maritime and outdoor aesthetics. The paddle-shaped silhouette and color choices evoke the spirit of water-based activities, making them a perfect fit for coastal or lakehouse decor themes.

Large 47″ Size: With each oar measuring 47″, the set creates a substantial visual impact on the wall. The large size ensures that the oars become prominent focal points within the decor, making them suitable for larger wall spaces or rooms where a bold statement is desired.

Wood Construction for Rustic Charm: Crafted from wood, these paddle canoe oars exude rustic charm. The natural texture and grain of the wood add warmth and authenticity to the decor. The choice of wood as the primary material enhances the overall aesthetic, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 8 × 8 in


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