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SKU: GDU60469

Wood Room Divider Screen Partition Geometric 52″ x 1″ x 71″


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Wooden room divider partition.
This hand-crafted room divider features rattan wood with linear patterns.
Room divider flaunts a brown finishing, giving your space a more natural and homier atmosphere.
Measures 52L x 1.13W x 71H inches.
Weighs 21 lbs.

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Rattan Construction: This 3-panel room divider is crafted from 100% long-lasting rattan, providing a sturdy and durable structure. Rattan is known for its natural appeal and robust characteristics, ensuring the longevity of the room divider.

Brown Finish: The room divider features a brown finishing, adding warmth and a natural aesthetic to your space. The earthy tones contribute to a cozy and homey atmosphere, making it a versatile addition to various room designs.

Geometric Hinged Design: With a geometric hinged design, this room divider incorporates linear patterns that enhance its visual appeal. The intricate detailing adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to the overall structure.

3 Hinged Panels: The room divider is designed with three hinged panels, allowing for flexibility in configuration and placement. This feature enables you to adjust the room divider according to your spatial needs, providing a customizable solution for dividing or defining different areas in a room.

Non-Slip Feet for Stability: To ensure stability and balance, the room divider is equipped with non-slip feet. These feet provide secure placement on various surfaces, preventing slipping or sliding. The addition of non-slip features enhances the functionality and safety of the room divider.

Additional information

Weight 21.00 lbs
Dimensions 52.00 × 1.13 × 71.00 in


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