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SKU: GDU30942

Wooden Boxes Set of 3 Keepsake Treasure Chest Pirate Nautical Decor 12, 10, 8″


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Wooden treasure chest box set of 3.
Mango wood features brass gold accents.
Measures 12L x 8W x 6H, 10L x 6W x 5H, 8L x 4W x 3H inches.
Weighs 15.63 lbs.
Handcrafted and natural wood item Variations in color and design is possible.

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Mango Wood Construction in Brown Finish: Crafted from mango wood, the boxes exhibit a rich brown finish, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood. Mango wood is known for its durability and distinctive grain patterns, providing a solid and aesthetically pleasing foundation.

Clean Cut Rectangular Body: The boxes feature a clean-cut rectangular body, providing a sleek and modern design. This clean and simple shape allows the natural beauty of the wood and the decorative elements to take center stage, creating a versatile and timeless aesthetic.

Gold-Coated Brass Corners for Elegance: The addition of gold-coated brass corners enhances the elegance of the boxes. The metallic gold finish contrasts beautifully with the brown wood, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to the overall design.

Metallic Gold Knob for Easy Access: Each box is equipped with a metallic gold knob, serving as both a functional and decorative element. The knob adds a hint of glamour and facilitates easy opening of the hinged lid, allowing convenient access to the contents inside.

Brass Plate Inlays with Rivet Accents: Brass plate inlays with rivet accents adorn the boxes, contributing to a chic and industrial-inspired aesthetic. These decorative elements create visual interest, adding a layer of texture and detailing that elevates the overall design of the boxes.

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 8 in


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