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Brown Wooden Ship Wheel with Brass Gold Hub, 30"
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Brown Wooden Ship Wheel with Brass Gold Hub, 30″


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Handcrafted Wooden ship wheel.
Measures 30L x 30H x 1.7W inch in teak wood.
Solid wood construction with 6 spokes.
Center has Brass hub with 1″ keyway hole.
Great gift for a nautical enthusiast and nautical decor.
Indoor/outdoor ship wheel.

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Unique Gold Brass And Teak Wood Ship Wheel, 30″

This wooden ship wheel with a brass hub exudes a classic and timeless aesthetic that harks back to traditional maritime design. The combination of warm, rich rosewood and the gleaming brass hub adds a touch of elegance to any nautical setting, whether it be on a historic ship, boat or as a decorative piece in a maritime-themed room.

The construction of a wooden ship wheel with a brass hub often involves skilled craftsmanship. The selection of high-quality rosewood not only contributes to the wheel’s visual appeal but also ensures durability and resistance to the harsh marine environment. The brass hub further enhances the longevity of the wheel.

Nautical Ship Wheel Decor

Nautical wheels, especially those made of wood with brass hubs, hold significant symbolism in maritime traditions. They represent the captain’s authority and the helm’s control over the ship. This symbolism adds a layer of historical and cultural significance, making these wheels sought after by collectors, maritime enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the connection to seafaring traditions.

Due to their historical connotations and aesthetic appeal, wooden ship wheels with brass hubs have become popular collector’s items. They often find a place in maritime museums, private collections, and as distinctive decor in homes, offices, or restaurants with a nautical theme. The allure of these pieces lies not only in their craftsmanship but also in the stories they carry from the golden age of seafaring.


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