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White & Blue Wooden Round Wall Clock Nautical, 24''D
SKU: GDU90771

White & Blue Wooden Round Wall Clock Nautical, 24”D


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Coastal inspired round wall clock.
Features a distressed white base, black markings, and blue nautical details with anchor in the middle.
Made of wood and metal.
Measures 23.55L x 23.55W x 1.5H inches.
Weighs 3.52 lbs.
Battery operated analog clock.

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Coastal Elegance: Nautical-Inspired Wall Clock with Tarnished White and Blue Finish

The round wall clock is adorned with a prominent anchor at the center, providing a distinct nautical theme. This feature adds a unique and maritime-inspired touch to the overall design, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate coastal aesthetics.

The clock’s finish incorporates a tarnished white and blue palette, creating a weathered and rustic appearance. This choice of colors not only enhances the vintage and aged aesthetic but also contributes to the clock’s coastal charm, reminiscent of seaside elements.

Rustic Charm: Vintage-Inspired White Wall Clock with Distressed Finish

The white wall clock is designed with a rustic finish, adding character and charm to its appearance. This intentional aging effect gives the clock a lived-in and vintage look, appealing to those who appreciate the allure of weathered and distressed decor.

With dimensions of 24″ x 24″ x 2″, the clock boasts a generous size that makes it a prominent and eye-catching focal point on your wall. The larger size enhances visibility and ensures that the clock becomes a statement piece in any room.

Youthful Versatility: Rustic White and Blue Wall Clock for Coastal-Inspired Decor

While the rustic finish adds character, the overall design with its white and blue palette exudes a youthful vibe. This combination of elements makes the clock versatile, suitable for various decor styles, and particularly fitting for spaces with coastal or beach-inspired themes.

Additional information

Weight 3.52 lbs
Dimensions 23.55 × 23.55 × 1.5 in


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