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Ceramic Geometric Design Vase Set of 2 Gary 13″, 11″H


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Modern Ceramic Vase set of 2.
These stoneware vases feature a tall urn shape and a vertically aligned geometric brick pattern.
Vase feature a matte white and gray stoneware finish.
This item measures 6.40L x 6.40W x 13H, 5.50L x 5.45W x 10.85H inches.
Weighs 7.13 lbs.

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Stylish Mosaic Design: The set of urn vases showcases a stylish mosaic-inspired design, featuring vertically aligned brick patterns. This intricate detailing adds a touch of sophistication and visual interest to the vases.

Premium Stoneware Material: Crafted from pure stoneware material, these vases ensure durability and a high-quality finish. The use of stoneware enhances the overall appeal and longevity of the decorative pieces.

Matte White and Gray Finish: The vases come in a charming matte white and gray stoneware finish, creating a subtle and modern color palette. This neutral combination allows for easy integration into a variety of interior design schemes.

Varied Heights: The set includes vases of different heights, with one measuring 13 inches and the other 11 inches. This size variation adds dimension and visual intrigue when displayed together as a set.

Endearing Floral Urn Style: The vases are designed in an endearing floral urn style, making them suitable for showcasing beautiful flower arrangements. Their classic yet contemporary aesthetic makes them versatile for various decor settings.

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Weight 7.13 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 12 × 13.00 in


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