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SKU: GDU20140

Ceramic Geometric Vase Set of 2 Gray 7″, 6″H


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Modern Ceramic Vase set of 2.
These stoneware vases feature a tall urn shape and a vertically aligned geometric brick pattern.
Vase featuring matte white and gray stoneware finishes.
This item measures 10.60L x 7.55W x 7.45H, 13.40L x 6.15W x 6.40H inches.
Weighs 5.39 lbs.

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Modern Mosaic Design: The set of bud vases features a modern mosaic-inspired design, characterized by vertically aligned white brick patterns. This design element adds a contemporary and eye-catching touch to the vases.

Pure Stoneware Craftsmanship: Crafted from pure stoneware, these bud vases ensure a high level of craftsmanship and durability. The use of stoneware material enhances the overall quality and longevity of these decorative pieces.

Matte White and Gray Finishes: The bud vases come in a charming combination of matte white and gray stoneware finishes. This color scheme provides a stylish and neutral backdrop, allowing for easy coordination with various decor styles.

Compact Sizes: With sizes of 7 inches and 6 inches, these bud vases are compact and versatile. Their smaller size makes them ideal for displaying single blooms or small floral arrangements, adding a touch of nature to any space.

Versatile Decor Elements: The vases’ soft geometric design and neutral color palette make them versatile decor elements. Whether placed individually or as a set, these bud vases can complement a range of interior design themes, from minimalist to eclectic.

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Weight 5.39 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 8 in


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