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Red, White, And Black Chef Chalk Board Sculpture, 15″W x19″H


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Chef Chalkboard for announcement.

Vertical orientation board with a chef sculpture.

Made of Poly stone.

Measures 15L x 9W x 19H inches.

Weighs 9.9 lbs.


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Vibrant Red, White, And Black Chef Chalk Board Sculpture, 15″W x19″H

The Chef Sculpture is crafted from polystone, a durable and versatile material that combines resin and powdered stone. This material choice ensures a sturdy and long-lasting sculpture that can withstand various environmental conditions.

Features white uniform and red neckerchief holding a black chalkboard. The sculpture features a vibrant multicolored design with red, white, and black hues. These colors not only add visual appeal but also contribute to creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere, making the sculpture a standout piece in any culinary-themed setting.

White Chef Sculpture with Vertical Chalkboard Feature

An interesting and practical feature of this sculpture is the incorporation of a chalkboard. Positioned strategically, the chalkboard provides a customizable space for messages, menu items, or any other creative additions. This makes the sculpture not just a visual centerpiece but also a functional and interactive element.

With measurements of 15″ x 9″ x 19″, the Chef Sculpture has a substantial size, allowing it to command attention and become a focal point in kitchens, restaurants, or other culinary spaces. The dimensions make it suitable for both tabletop and floor display, offering versatility in placement.

Versatile White And Red Chef Chalkboard Sculpture

The overall design of the sculpture, with its chef motif and playful use of colors, adds a whimsical and decorative touch to any space. Whether used in a kitchen, dining area, or restaurant setting, this polystone chef sculpture with a chalkboard serves as a unique and charming decor piece that combines functionality with artistic expression.

Additional information

Weight 9.9 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 19 in


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