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Dark Brown Mango Wood Handcrafted Floral Accent Table, 17″ x 17″ x 22″


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Round handcrafted carved table.
This round tabletop is carved and attached to polished tripod legs.
Features brown mango wood floral design.
Measures 17L x 17W x 22H inches.
Weighs 4.0 lbs.

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Handcrafted Floral Accent Table: Solid Mango Wood Construction & Dark Brown Finish

Crafted with precision and quality, this accent table is made from solid mango wood. The use of mango wood ensures durability and sturdiness, providing a reliable piece of furniture.

The accent table boasts a rich and sophisticated dark brown finish. This finish enhances the natural beauty of the wood and adds a touch of elegance to the overall design, creating a visually appealing furniture piece.

Dark Brown Mango Wood Accent Table: Exposed Wood Grain & Intricate Floral Carvings

The table showcases the natural beauty of wood grain, adding a rustic and organic touch to its appearance. The exposed wood grain contributes to the authenticity of the piece, celebrating the raw and natural characteristics of mango wood.

A standout feature of this accent table is its intricate radial center carving. The table is adorned with floral and trellis patterns meticulously carved into the wood, creating a visually stunning and unique design that adds depth and charm.

Dark Brown Mango Wood Accent Table with Slender Tripod Legs

The accent table stands on three slender legs, forming an elegant tripod base. The rounded legs not only provide stability but also contribute to the table’s overall aesthetics. The combination of floral carvings and slender legs adds a touch of delicacy and sophistication to the design.

Additional information

Weight 4.0 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 22 in


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