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Cream Wooden Room Divider Screen Partition Louvered, 48 X 1 X 71″
SKU: GDU20444

Cream Wooden Room Divider Screen Partition Louvered, 48 X 1 X 71″


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Wooden Room Divider Partition Screen.
3 Panel room divider screen.
Louvered pattern.
Made of Wood.
Measures 48L x 1W x 71H inches.
Weighs 37.4lbs.

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Distressed Cream Wooden Room Divider Screen Partition Louvered, 48 X 2 X 67″

The 3-panel wooden room divider screen features a charming distressed cream finish, infusing any room with character and warmth. This vintage-inspired atmosphere enhances the ambiance of various interior styles, adding a touch of timeless elegance to the space.

The unique louvered design of the panels is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. The angled slats play with light and shadows, creating an intimate atmosphere while keeping the area open and airy. This thoughtful design element allows for the perfect balance between privacy and openness, enriching the room’s dynamics with subtle elegance.

Durable Cream Room Divider Screen Partition

Constructed from robust wood and MDF, the room divider stands the test of time with its durable build. The use of wooden panels ensures a steadfast and reliable separation that can effortlessly divide a space or conceal parts of a room. Its sturdy nature makes it an excellent option for anyone looking to delineate areas within an open floor plan or add a layer of privacy without the commitment of a permanent wall.

Cream Room Divider Screen Partition Offering Flexible Room Layout Customization

Offering flexibility in arrangement, the three-panel design of this room divider allows for easy customization of your living space. It can be positioned in various ways to suit your needs, whether you’re aiming to carve out a cozy reading corner, conceal clutter, or introduce a decorative touch to a larger area. This adaptability makes it a practical and stylish choice for optimizing and personalizing any room.

The combination of the distressed cream finish and the elegant louvered panels imbues this room divider with timeless beauty. It’s not merely a functional item but a decorative piece that adds a significant style statement to the room. With its capacity to blend vintage charm with contemporary and traditional settings, this room divider enriches your living space with its distinctive elegance and versatility.

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 71 × 16 × 4 in


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