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Beige Polystone Horse Sculpture, 19″H


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Decorative beige horse sculpture.
Sculpted with poly stone to create wood-textured inspired look for a rustic vibe.
Features decorative chipping and an overall matte beige distressed finish.
Measures 12Lx3Wx19H″.
Made of Resin.
Weighs 7.25 lbs.

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Unique Beige Wood-Inspired Polystone Horse Sculpture, 19″”H

The beige Polystone horse sculpture showcases a wood-inspired chipping look, adding a unique and rustic aesthetic to the piece. The sculpture’s surface is designed to resemble weathered and chipped wood, creating a distressed appearance. This artistic choice adds character and visual interest to the sculpture, making it a standout decorative accent.

The beige color palette of the Polystone horse sculpture contributes to its natural and earthy appeal. The neutral beige tones create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making the sculpture versatile and easy to incorporate into various decor styles. The beige color also adds a sense of elegance and tranquility to the piece, allowing it to seamlessly blend with different color schemes.

Durable Polystone Beige Horse Sculpture

The horse sculpture is crafted from polystone, a durable and resilient material. Polystone offers the advantage of being able to mimic the appearance and texture of more expensive materials, such as wood or stone. It provides the sculpture with a realistic look while ensuring its longevity and resistance to damage. The Polystone material also allows for intricate detailing and a smooth finish, enhancing the overall quality of the sculpture.

The Symbolism of Beige Polystone Horse Sculpture in Decor

Horses have long been symbols of strength, grace, and freedom. As a decorative piece, the beige Polystone horse sculpture can convey these symbolic meanings, adding depth and significance to its presence. Whether displayed in a living room, office, or study, the sculpture serves as a visual reminder of these qualities and can inspire a sense of empowerment and resilience.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 17 × 6 in


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