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Copper Metal Planter with Patina Distressing (Set of 3), 20″, 17″, 14″W
SKU: GDU26905

Copper Metal Planter with Patina Distressing (Set of 3), 20″, 17″, 14″W


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Set of 3 Rustic metal planters.
Constructed in iron with copper patina finish.
Wide receptacles water pot-shaped planters with a verdigris finish with two handles.
Measures 20L x 20W x 11H, 17L x 17W x 11H, 14L x 14W x 9H inches.
Weighs 19.14 lbs.

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Vintage Patina Distressed Copper Metal Planter (Set of 3), 20″, 17″, 14″W

This set of 3 metal planters, ranging from 20 to 14 inches in width, introduces a patina distressed copper finish that exudes character and timeless appeal. Crafted with attention to detail, these planters offer a unique and antique-inspired addition to your indoor and outdoor decor.

The copper-colored exterior features verdigris distressing, adding a vintage and weathered charm to the planters. This patina effect enhances the overall aesthetic, creating a sense of history and antiquity. The distressed copper complements bare wood surfaces, adding warmth and authenticity to your decor.

Traditional Water Pot-Shaped Design Copper Metal Planter with Patina Distressing Set

These planters are crafted in a traditional water pot-shaped design, reminiscent of classic and timeless aesthetics. The iron construction ensures durability, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The combination of the traditional shape and distressed copper finish creates a harmonious and elegant ensemble.

Whether placed in your garden or as standalone pieces in your living room, these copper metal planters with patina distressing enhance the style of your space. Their versatile design, distressed copper finish, and traditional shape make them suitable for various settings, adding a touch of vintage elegance to your plant display.

Copper Metal Planter Set Featuring Graduated Widths for Dynamic Arrangement

The trio comes in graduated widths, allowing for a dynamic and visually interesting arrangement. Whether grouped together or spread across different areas, these planters provide flexibility in styling to suit your preferences and create an impactful and cohesive look.

Additional information

Weight 19.14 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 11 in


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