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Metal Pocket Watch Style Wall Clock Black 4″ x 20″ x 28″


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Metal wood pocket watch style wall clock.
Vintage style wall clock features a distressed black and brown finish.
The wall clock features a round profile with “London” typography on the dial.
Measures 4L x 20W x 28H inches.
Weighs 8.07 lbs.

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Vintage Pocket Watch Design: The black metal pocket watch-style wall clock showcases a timeless vintage design. With its distinctive round shape and distressed black-brown beveled frame, it evokes the charm of classic pocket watches, adding a touch of nostalgia to your decor.

Generous Size: Measuring 20″ x 4″ x 28″, this wall clock commands attention with its generous size. The larger dimensions not only make it a functional timepiece but also contribute to its role as a statement piece in your home, enhancing the visual appeal of your wall.

Detailed Frame: The round frame of the clock is thoughtfully designed with attention to detail. The top tab and loop finial add an extra layer of sophistication, giving the clock a refined and complete look. These details contribute to the overall aesthetic charm of the timepiece.

Distressed Black-Brown Finish: The distressed black-brown finish of the frame creates a weathered and aged appearance, enhancing the vintage allure of the clock. This intentional distressing adds character and depth, making the clock a distinctive and rustic element in your home decor.

Versatile Wall Decor: This clock is not just a timekeeping device; it doubles as a versatile wall decor item. Its unique design and sizable presence make it suitable for various settings, from traditional to eclectic, allowing you to express your style while keeping track of time.

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Weight 8.07 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 20 × 28 in


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