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Metal Wall Cow Bell Decor Gold 48″W, 28″H


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Metal Meditation Bell Wall Decor.
Vintage cone shaped bells in varying sizes, with rope knotted through thin circular rings at the top.
The bells are looped through a black slender rod for horizontal hanging.
Measures 48L x 5W x 28H inches.
Weighs 12.2lbs.

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Rustic Bronze Bells: The decorative cow bells feature a rustic bronze finish, giving them an antique and weathered appearance. This finish adds character and charm, contributing to an old-world aesthetic that adds warmth to any space.

Thin Brass Rod: The bells are attached to a thin brass rod, providing stability and structure to the arrangement. The use of brass complements the bronze finish of the bells, creating a cohesive and visually appealing design.

Brown Jute Hanging Rope: Hanging from the thin brass rod, the bells are suspended by brown jute ropes. The use of jute adds a natural and earthy element to the decor, enhancing the rustic and organic feel. The combination of metal and jute creates a balanced and textured look.

Whimsical Design with Twelve Bells: The inclusion of twelve whimsical bronze cow bells adds a playful and charming element to the decor. The arrangement of multiple bells on the hanging rod creates a dynamic and visually interesting display, making it a delightful focal point.

Versatile Placement: The decorative cow bells offer versatility in placement. They can be hung from a suitable hook to create a whimsical wall display or spread across a console table or mantle for a unique tabletop arrangement. This versatility allows for creative and personalized styling options in different areas of the home.

Additional information

Weight 10.00 lbs
Dimensions 48.00 × 5.00 × 28.00 in


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