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Teak Wood Low Seat Chair with Hair Goat Hide 27’L x 26″W x 30″H


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Goat skin wooden teak chair.
This lounge chair features a natural goat color skin pattern on a solid teak wood frame.
Low profile chair with black, white and brown hair on hide leather and back on a dark brown wood structure.
Measures 27L x 26W x 30H, inches.
Weighs 24lbs.
Natural item so each hide is different style.

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Teak Wood Construction: The low seat chair is crafted with a solid teak wood frame, known for its durability and resistance to outdoor elements. Teak wood adds a natural and rustic charm to the chair.

Goat Hide Upholstery: The chair features goat hide upholstery, providing a unique and textured seating surface. The use of black, white, and brown hair on hide leather creates a distinctive and visually appealing pattern on both the seat and backrest.

Rustic Design: The teak wood low seat chair embraces a rustic design aesthetic, combining the organic appeal of teak wood with the natural patterns of goat hide. This design choice contributes to a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Low-Profile Structure: With a low seat height and a streamlined profile, this chair offers a laid-back and relaxed seating experience. The low-profile structure enhances the chair’s comfort and complements various interior styles.

Rivet Detailing: The chair is adorned with rivet detailing, adding an industrial and decorative touch to the overall design. The rivets not only contribute to the chair’s visual interest but also serve as functional elements, securing the goat hide upholstery to the teak wood frame.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 in


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