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Wood Metal Candelabra 24″,13″


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Wood metal Candelabra with 5 pillars.
Metal Molded pillars affixed to a Wooden rectangular panel board.
Measures 24L x 5W x 13H inches.
Weighs 10.15 lbs.
Handcrafted design.

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Mango Wood Construction: Crafted from brown mango wood, the handmade candelabra features a material known for its durability and unique grain patterns. Mango wood adds warmth and a natural aesthetic to the piece, making it a distinctive and handcrafted decor item.

Hickory Brown Wood Finish: The candelabra flaunts a hickory brown wood finish, enhancing the natural beauty of the mango wood. The brown finish adds a rich and warm tone to the decor, creating a welcoming and earthy atmosphere in the space.

Charcoal Black Metal Finish: Complementing the wood, the candelabra incorporates a charcoal black metal finish. This finish adds a touch of industrial and contemporary flair to the piece, creating a harmonious blend of rustic and modern elements.

Five Wide Ribbed Pillar Candleholders: The candelabra features an array of five wide ribbed pillar candleholders, each designed to hold candles securely. The ribbed design adds texture and visual interest to the candleholders, creating a dynamic and stylish focal point.

Glass Cylinder Inserts: Each of the pillar candleholders includes a cylinder glass insert. This design element not only enhances the safety of candle burning but also adds a layer of sophistication and elegance to the candelabra. The combination of wood, metal, and glass creates a well-balanced and visually appealing decor piece.

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Weight 10.15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 5 × 13 in


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