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SKU: GDC3853

Navy Blue Linen Wooden Silver Studded Trunk (Set of 2), 18″, 16″


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Set of 2 Wood and Linen upholstered trunks.
Designed with shiny studs.
Upholstered with Navy blue fabric linen.
Measures L: 17.75L x 12.5 W x 8H, S: 15.75L x 10.5W x 5.75H inches.

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Unique Navy Blue Linen Wooden Silver Studded Trunk (Set of 2), 18″, 16″

This Silver Studded Blue Linen Upholstered Nested Trunk Set of 2 presents a practical and stylish storage solution. Featuring two distinct-sized trunks, they efficiently nest within each other to conserve space, offering a streamlined storage alternative. The nesting functionality facilitates straightforward organization and retrieval of your belongings.

Dressed in a sophisticated Navy-blue Linen, these trunks exude a refined and versatile appearance. Their blue hue harmoniously complements a range of decorating schemes, introducing an element of refined elegance to any space. Furthermore, the Linen upholstery enhances the trunks’ resilience and longevity, promising enduring utility.

Navy Blue Linen Wooden Box Featuring Textured Elegance with Silver Studded Detailing

Enhanced with silver studded detailing, these trunks captivate with their textured and visually appealing design. The warm, inviting nature of Linen pairs beautifully with the coolness of the silver studs, creating an appealing contrast that adds sophistication and a touch of refinement to their overall aesthetic. These studs play a crucial role in augmenting the trunks’ structural integrity, fortifying the corners and edges for sustained durability.

Silver Studded Navy Blue Wooden Trunk Offering Secure Storage with Vintage Latch Lock Mechanism

Each trunk box incorporates a latch lock system, ensuring the security of your stored items. This locking mechanism guarantees that the trunks stay firmly shut, mitigating the risk of unintended openings while adding a layer of security. This feature also infuses the trunks with a classic, vintage allure, enriching their design with authenticity.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 8 in


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