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SKU: GDE26160

Aqua Blue Wooden Room Divider Screen Partition Louvered, 48 x 2 x 67″


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Wooden Room Divider Partition Screen.
3 Panel room divider screen.
Aqua blue finish in Louvered pattern.
Made of Wood.
Measures 48L x 2.36W x 67H inches.
Weighs 14lbs.

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Distressed Aqua Blue Finish Wooden Room Divider Screen Partition Louvered, 48 X 2 X 67″

The 3-panel wooden room divider screen boasts a charming, distressed Aqua blue finish. This finish adds character and warmth to any room, creating a vintage-inspired atmosphere that complements a variety of interior styles.

The louvered design of the panels not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room divider but also serves a functional purpose. The angled slats allow for subtle light filtration, creating a play of shadows and adding a touch of intimacy to the space while maintaining an open feel.

Aqua Blue Room Divider Screen Partition With Sturdy Wood and MDF Construction

Crafted from sturdy wood and MDF, this room divider ensures both durability and longevity. The wooden panels provide a solid and reliable partition, making it an ideal choice for defining spaces within a room or creating a visual separation in an open-concept living area.

Aqua Blue Room Divider Screen Partition With Flexible Three-Panel Configuration

The three-panel configuration offers flexibility in positioning, allowing you to easily customize the layout of your living space. Whether you want to create a private reading nook, hide an unsightly corner, or add a decorative element to an open area, this room divider provides versatility in both form and function.

The combination of the Aqua blue finish and louvered design results in a room divider that exudes timeless elegance. It becomes not just a practical partition but also a stylish statement piece that contributes to the overall aesthetics of the room, bringing a sense of vintage charm to contemporary and traditional settings alike.

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 71 × 16 × 4 in


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